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Radon Mitigation FAQs

Certified Radon Mitigation Contractor

American Radon Mitigation is a member of NRPP and AARST and listed with the Minnesota Department of Health.

Don’t settle for a fly-by-night, one-size-fits-all contractor, here are some important questions to ask when choosing a radon mitigation contractor:

American Radon Mitigation
American Radon Mitigation
I am purchasing a home that has tested high for radon. How can I be certain the seller will choose a quality contractor over a cheap contractor just to get the job done?
Will American Radon Mitigation perform all necessary diagnostics?
Who is responsible for obtaining permits, if required?
Will I be provided with a contract?
Who will do electrical work?
Is there a warranty on materials or the workmanship? If so, for how long does the warranty last?
Will I receive training on how the radon mitigation system works and how to address any issues?
Do you guarantee that radon levels will be brought below the EPA’s recommended action level of 4.0 pCi/L?
If the radon levels are not below the EPA’s recommended action level, what will you do?
Can you provide your individual certification number, as well as references?
Is the quoted price guaranteed?
Will you use firestop collars if you need to route pipe through the garage?
Are the materials used in the radon mitigation system safe?
Are the materials used in the radon mitigation system high quality?
What type and size of pipe will be used in the system?
Why does the pipe have to exhaust one foot above the roof?
Do you test for backdraft?
Do you clean up after you’ve finished the job?
How loud is the radon fan?
Do you offer any system accessories?
Do you install a rain cap on the system?
Why can’t the radon fan be inside my home?
Where is the best spot to put the radon fan?
Do you insulate the pipe?
American Radon Mitigation
American Radon Mitigation provides professional certified radon testing and mitigation for Minneapolis, MN and surrounding areas.
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