Alpha Track Long Term Radon Test Kit


3 – 12 Month Test

  • Rated #1 by a leading national consumer advocacy group
  • 3 to 12 month test period
  • No hidden fees – includes instructions, prepaid return mailer, and lab analysis
  • Complete report via email from American Radon Mitigation with EPA’s recommendations
  • Personal phone call from American Radon Mitigation to explain the results of your test and discuss your next steps

According to the EPA, a long-term test is the best way to determine your exposure to Radon during different seasons and living conditions in your home. Closed house conditions are not necessary during a long term test. Leave the test device(s) exposed for 91 days to 12 months under normal living conditions.


Alpha Track FAQs

How many tests do I need?
I am starting my Alpha Track test and I am not sure where to place it in my home. What is the best place?
Do I need to open the Alpha Track detector for my long term test?
I want to put the Alpha Track device on a shelf. Which side is the top of the device?
How long do I need to leave the Alpha Track out for before sending it back to the lab?
Can I get a test result if I leave my Alpha Track out for less than 91 days or more than 365 days?
Should I be careful about where I store an Alpha Track device before I use it?
How long will it take to get my test results?



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