Wave Plus


The first battery-operated smart IAQ monitor with Radon detection, including sensors for temperature, air pressure, humidity, VOCs and CO2.



More sensors

Gain full visibility into 6 sensors including the 3 most serious indoor air pollutants, as well as detailed views of temperature, air pressure, humidity and additional sensors for advanced analytics options.

  • Radon
    A radioactive gas
  • CO2
    Carbon dioxide
  • VOC
    Volatile organic compounds


Complete control

As a dedicated home-owner or building manager, you want a complete and detailed overview of the air quality in your space. The Airthings Dashboard includes interpretation of your IAQ data with alerts and advanced analytics. In addition, easily view, compare and export data and receive tips to reduce indoor air hazards, optimize ventilation and save on energy costs.


Easily measure levels in any office, school, multi-unit dwelling, public space or home

Easy to use

Created for everyone, building managers, employers and homeowners

Prevent illness

Good IAQ is linked to increased productivity, energy levels and less absenteeism

Six sensors

Radon, CO2, VOCs, humidity, temperature and air pressure

For everyone

The Wave Plus was designed to be used by anyone in all populated spaces. It’s easy to use as a stand alone unit, or as one of many in an Airthings Ecosystem.

Free mobile app

The mobile app brings your levels to your fingertips. Using Bluetooth, your smartphone pulls data from the Wave Plus whenever it is in range. The app is easy to set up and Bluetooth allows for a low-energy solution making the battery of your device last.




Android, iOS and online dashboard


Wave in front of the device to get a visual indication of your radon level


Comes with 2 AA batteries in the box, with 2-3 years battery life


Connect when in-range with your phone over Bluetooth 5


Bluetooth 5 or use Airthings SmartLink with the Airthings Hub

Six sensors

Radon, CO2, VOCs, humidity, temperature and air pressure


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