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Commercial Radon Mitigation

Kick Radon Off Your Commercial Property

Everyone has the right to breathe confidently in the building they work in, rent, or manage. We’re here to make sure your tenants are safe and no one thinks twice about signing a lease in your building due to radon. Radon mitigation is a long-term investment for any Minneapolis commercial property. Our radon experts can ensure you get a positive return on your investment in radon testing and mitigation.

The American Radon Mitigation team of industry experts have devoted their careers to keeping people safe and preventing lung cancer. We understand the threat radon poses. Our work ensures radon stays out of your property and out of your tenants’ lungs. We’ll work closely with you to analyze the risks within your building and formulate the best possible plan to mitigate.

Our process begins with a thorough and transparent evaluation. Then, we share our comprehensive and detailed report outlining our findings and any next steps that may be necessary to make your building safer.

If you’ve never had your property tested for radon, we recommend doing so to keep your tenants safe. Contact us today to invest in your property.


Keep your family safe & healthy.
Test your home for radon & mitigate if needed.

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