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Why Our Radon Systems Are Expensive

Just to warn you, we will be the most expensive estimate you can track down. Yes, you read that right, the most expensive. Now, if you’re anything like other people we talk to your next question is why.

It’s simple really. We specialize in lowering your radon levels as much as possible and it’s a lot of work. Typically, the key to getting your radon levels really low is to get vacuum or suction under your entire home.

Imagine your radon mitigation system is creating suction under the floor in your mechanical room on one side of your basement. We want to be sure that we are reaching the other side of the basement where you or your children may spend time.

Taking the time to do pressure field extension testing helps us design a mitigation system that addresses your whole home rather than the poke and hope method used by many others that does not.

Our goal is to get your levels below 1 pCi/L. That’s because radon is a radioactive gas and there is no safe level. Your family’s safety is our first priority and it’s the reason we do things a bit different. 

Just because a radon system gets the radon levels down, does not necessarily mean it’s a good system. There are several factors that are often overlooked that can lead to higher operating costs, property damage, and health risks. We’ll discuss those risks in another blog though.

Asking yourself the following question may help you decide if we’re a good fit for each other. Am I looking for the cheapest solution or the best solution?